Quebec Moose Hunting & Ontario Wolf Hunting


Archery moose hunt in new areas with little hunting pressure. Archery season runs for 2 weeks in September. Two tags are required to tag one moose. Each group of hunters will have their own guide.

For rifle moose hunt, the season runs for 2 weeks in October. Two tags are required to tag one moose. Each group of hunters will have their own guide.




Timber wolves are extremely shy and difficult to hunt at the best of times. Unlike bears, sitting over a bait expecting to shoot a wolf is next to impossible. We have developed a unique hunting system over the last 20 years that produces results.

Located in the far reaches of Northern Ontario, I have spent numerous years scouting thousands of miles of bush country in pursuit of the “Ghost of the North”. This is a truly unique hunting experience that usually takes place in the winter months of December through March when the snow is deep. There are numerous bait sites widely scattered throughout the region in some of the finest wolf country in Northern Ontario. A typical day will begin by checking bait sites by pick up and snow machines. If it has been hit, your guide may try to get the animal out by predator call If that fails, he will run the perimeter of that site and if the wolf or wolves are bedded down within the block, he will place his hunters in strategic positions to await the “Drive”. A tracker will then track the animal on snowshoes, find his bed and the chase is on, and this is when the action begins. The wolves may try to elude the tracker but eventually will get frustrated and break towards the hunters .The anticipation of being on stand and waiting for the most elusive of game animals to appear before you is truly a rush.


5 day hunt $2500.00 + HST (rates for 2010-2011 season) 

Includes accommodations and all meals

License fees (not included) non resident small game $99.00 + HST

Wolf seal - $250.00 + HST

All hunters must provide a current hunting license in order to obtain a non resident license.


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