About Reds Bear Hunting

Hello hunters! My name is Erin Nicholls.  I am the owner and operator of Reds Bear Hunting here in Haliburton, Ontario. I have hunted the Haliburton Highlands since 1980 and guided since 1990.  I have also guided caribou, moose, and deer here in Canada and had many experiences in all.


I spend a lot of the year scouting our exclusive hunting grounds, and picking the best locations for bear baits.  Knowing where the bear live and travel is a big advantage.  I take pride in making people happy and having a great hunting experience.

The Haliburton Highlands is home to thousands of acres of private land with many lakes, ponds, rolling hills, and lots of rock, making it prime black bear country. Hunting black bear on private land helps me control my own bear population. Controlling how many bears are taken from all my different areas, and knowing no one else will be hunting these areas, makes for great hunting now and for many years to come.

My father taught my 2 brothers and I how to hunt, fish and trap at a very young age. We also learned how important it is to respect everything about the outdoors. Since I starting guiding in the early 90's, watching other hunters having a great time makes all the hard work well worth it. 

The outdoors have enabled me to meet many people and develop so many friendships that I would have never known. In our area, we hunt moose and deer as well, but there is a lot of hunting pressure for both. That's why I decided to guide for bear. There is very little bear hunting in our area which suits me just fine, makes it great for my hunters. Come join us in the Highlands!!

If you have any questions about our Ontario bear hunts please feel free to contact us.